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As the complexities of modern business flow through the Agricultural industries of Australia, the challenges employers face in making farms safer are increasing.

Amongst other obligations, employers must meet regulatory and legal imperatives by understanding and adhering to Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) codes of practice and laws. Under the Occupational Health and Safety act, farmers must train staff to carry out their work safely. With general staff turnover, peak-period intakes and a reliance on casual labour, the challenges farm owners and managers face in meeting these demands are mounting.

It is from the recognition of this that Mentor Training (Agriculture) Pty. Ltd. has partnered with business leaders and employer groups from the Australian Horticultural industry to develop HortiSafe™.

There is no place for accidents or negligence in the Agriculture industry.

This industry provides an environment where accidents are often severe and irreversible.

  • Every day 10 people make a workers compensation claim for an injury sustained while working in the Agricultural industry.
  • A person is fatally injured on an Australian farm every 3 days.
  • In 2002-2003 the agricultural sector made 750 Workcover claims, costing businesses $34 million.

The need to meet deadlines, work in harsh conditions for long hours and perform repetitive tasks lead to an environment conducive to workplace accidents.

Rural OH&S training is sporadic and scarce due to the cost of provision, the interruption to the business and the perceived long term value of the training due to the transience of the workforce. There is often a culture in this industry that holds safety training as wasteful, costly, unmanageable and ineffective.

The reality is that the Agriculture Industry today is struggling to attract people into the industry. This, along with the cost and lack of industry specific, effective training courses has led to a shortage of qualified trained staff.

This shortage, together with high worker turnover rates, has the effect of creating a less qualified workforce in general.

The less qualified and trained the staff member, the greater the risk of accident or negligence in the workplace.

The Agriculture industry is in need of training programs that are able to be used repeatedly and which offer employees the facility to be trained in their own time and preferably before they enter the workplace.

Mentor Training (Agriculture) has embarked on an ambitious pilot program to produce a set of modules specifically targeting the most critical OH&S issues in the Agricultural industry.

How is HortiSafe™ different?

HortiSafe™ courses are:
  1. built upon a solid foundation of current best practice in Occupational Health and Safety.
  2. designed to encourage workers to adopt a positive and proactive attitude toward Occupational Health and Safety.
  3. designed to be used at your workplace with minimal disruption to the day to day running of your business.
  4. designed to be affordable for both very small and very large businesses. The courses are also designed to take into account times of staffing peaks and valleys for businesses of all sizes. Put simply, you only pay for each staff member who actually uses a course*.
*when purchasing HortiSafe™ kits, they are sold in five licence bundles as a minimum. There is no minimum when using online courses.

How is training provided?

1. Course Kit

HortiSafe™ is available as a comprehensive kit of resources comprising:
  • DVD programs.
  • Trainer's Handbooks.
  • Worker's manuals.
  • Workbooks.
  • Course completion documents.
  • Free safety hats and sunglasses.

2. Online Courses

The most flexible of all HortiSafe™ products is internet based or "on-line" delivery. The courses can be completed on any internet ready computer whether it be on-farm or off-farm e.g. at a home or even a public library computer.

3. Workplace Trainers

HortiSafe™ can provide expert workplace trainers to deliver courses on the farm. This HortiSafe™ package includes total management of your OH&S training needs leaving you free to maintain focus on your business with minimal interruption to your busy workload.

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